About Us
Red E Bike Tours LLC is the premiere ELECTRIC bicycle tour company in the Las Vegas area. We will be the first and only company to offer electric bike tours in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area starting May 2013. Our mission is to provide the public with one of the best environmentally friendly adventures off the Las Vegas Strip and in doing so recreate a passion for the great outdoors. We feel this can easily be achieved by allowing people of all ability levels to participate in something that was once set aside for the super athletic. Get ready to be transformed as you hit the road on 2 wheels with nothing to worry about except what to do next… Pedal, Power or Both.
Because so few know about electric bicycles it is our goal to introduce these stylish machines to as many visitors and locals as possible. We are going to accomplish this by offering tours on these incredible bicycles and in doing so create a need for those looking to either enjoy the outdoors more or find a less expensive mode of transportation. Either way you will give back to your communities and planet by utilizing these environmentally friendly cycles.  Whatever your motivation is, come on inside, take a look around and book a tour. We are here to provide the best service possible.