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Red Rock Canyon ELECTRIC Bike Tour

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For 7 and half years we’ve been running an electric bike tour of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Park. We ride through the foothills of a pretty impressive mountain range. We climb 1100 feet in the 1st 5 miles hence the need for some assist from a motor.

Do you have to work hard? No. Can you get a workout? Yes but not as intense as on a regular bike. If you can ride this loop under your own pedal power, you’ve earned bragging rights. Most people aren’t bragging. But to see anything from a seat of a bicycle is truly the most pure way, and now you can. While the bikes are amazing machines…quiet motors, environmentally friendly, etc….the Canyon truly steals the show. It’s the perfect setting for this tour.

Riding length clocks in at 16 miles total: not too short, not too long. Strategic stopping points along the way (4 in all) not only breathtaking views but each one is completely different than the one before it. We have geology, history, flora information. My goal has never been how many people can we swing around this loop in a day…it’s always been how can I convey the secrets of this strange climate to each rider.

As a Las Vegas native, if this is the amazing stuff in my backyard~I can only imagine whats in yours! And we will all appreciate and conserve our public lands that much more.

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