Frequently asked questions

Are there restrooms on our route?

That’s seriously the most asked question we get! And the answer is… YES! Thankfully there are restrooms along the scenic route. They are facilities without running water that the park works very hard to keep clean and they do a great job. At the Visitors Center there are full facilities with running water. You will have access to those restrooms at the beginning and the end of the tour. That’s one of the perks of choosing a Red Rock Permitted outfitter.

How much does the roundtrip transportation cost?

The cost is included in the price. Actually the price you see is all inclusive and there are no extra or hidden fees when you go to check out. Roundtrip transportation, state of the art electric bike, safety equipment, water & snack, taxes, park fees, and the best tour guides ; ) are all included. We treat you how we want to be treated!

When will you pick me up from my hotel?

Because we want to cater the tour to each of our guests we pick up at most of the Strip and downtown hotels, that means our route changes daily. We set up our pick up times after all orders are in. So you can expect a text or email no later than 6:00pm the day before your tour. But to help you prepare, you can plan for pick up to be anywhere from 1 hour to 30 minutes before the start of the tour.

Why should I choose a tour business that is permitted with Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area? What does that mean anyway?

Glad you asked! We have a special use permit issued by the Bureau of Land Management (our government). We worked hard to get this permit, with it we are regulated based on safety and environmental concerns among other requirements. We pay a portion to the park to keep the roads and facilities in top condition. Having a guide with you means that any issues you might have with always be supported. Cell service is spotty at best in the canyon, so it’s nice to know that we have your back!

Why should I choose a GUIDED tour?

As a permitted outfitter, it is required that you are guided during your time in this beautiful park. We are there to supply technical support and we love Red Rock Canyon so we are excited to share with you some interesting facts that you wouldn’t otherwise know about the Mojave Desert. You can absolutely move at your own pace, we even encourage you to spread out so you can take in the beautiful views. The good news is you will not be riding through the middle of the desert unassisted on a horse with no name!

How long is the drive out to Red Rock Canyon?

The park is 17 miles west of the strip, expect approximately 35 minutes of driving time.

Can I drive to the park myself?

Sure, it’s easy! I will email you detailed instructions on how to find us. We have guests drive themselves out all the time. It will give you the freedom after the tour to explore the area more, if you wish. We do have suggestions of other things you could do in the area ~ just ask!

How hard will I have to work?

Not hard at all. Do you want a little exercise or do you want to kick back and cruuuuise? Really, it’s your choice.

Are we riding on the Scenic Loop?

Yes! We ride on a beautiful newly paved 13 mile one-way loop. We will ride 16 miles in all but not to worry, the ride can be as effortless as you choose. We do not go off-road as this is a conservation area and we do everything we can to protect it.

Are there stops along the route?

Oh Yes! We will stop 4 times for sight-seeing and photo-ops. You are on the bike for about 15 increments.

What size are the bike seats?

We like big seats, we cannot lie! We have the biggest bike seats we could get…. We are here to cruise in comfort!

What should wear?

Dress comfortable! Bicycle shorts are not necessary. We ask you to wear closed-toed shoes for your safety. Dress in layers in the winter. Remember that Red Rock Canyon is about 10 degrees F cooler than Las Vegas weather plus there is the breeze while the bike is in motion. In the cooler months it’s best to have your outer layer be wind resistant. If it’s unexpectedly cool, I always have extra gloves and windbreakers you can borrow.