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Hello, we are Allison and John and we own and operate Red E Bike Tours, electric bike tours of beautiful Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas, Nevada. 8 years ago after having some incredible exposure to Ebikes, John wanted to introduce them to the Las Vegas tour scene. At first we had visions of the bikes cruising up and down the Strip….if you have spent any time in Las Vegas you know why that is not possible! No bike lane, not safe!

One day when we were out visiting Red Rock, as many locals do, it hit him like a ton of (red) rocks 😉 The Canyon is a National Conservation Area (part of the National Parks system). It was a long process of business plan model building, safety and environmental awareness but finally after two years we were awarded a permit to run Red Rock Canyon Electric Bike Tours and Red E Bike Tours was created. It then landed in my lap to create the tour.

Being a Dental Hygienist for 21 years, it was a daunting task because in my mind I only had one skill. I am a Las Vegas native, growing up in the desert I suppose in many ways I took the area for granted. Once I started to uncover the mysteries of the Mojave Desert through hikes and classes offered by the intelligent Rangers of Red Rock, I was completely blown away! So I laid down my dental instruments for a bicycle seat and never looked back.

Our tour content stays true to the information that the staff of the park itself teaches, much of which has come through their wonderful relationship with the Southern Paiute Tribe, the last Native Americans to occupy the area. John, I and our 3 children along with many other family members have all had a hand in helping us build this business. I think our love of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon and Electric Bikes have really made this business work. We feel so fortunate to be a part of this winning combination and can’t wait to share it with you!

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