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Let’s Conserve

If we all do our part, we can keep our lands pristine for generations to come. At Red E Bike Tours we feel that education is the key to this. We really enjoy the discussions and brainstorming we’ve shared with our riders about this. You’ve already made a conscious consumer choice by choosing us. You are cruising through the beautiful 13 mile loop (riding 16 miles total) on the most environmentally friendly machine available. Your guide is on a bike with you too….I always say “We are in this together!” meaning I don’t drive my huge shuttle van through the loop each day. We are proud to be zero emissions in the park!

We love to talk about different hikes that can be enjoyed in the Canyon as there are many trails that take you from the deepest points to the highest peaks. But the number one thing to remember is to always stay on trail. So many reasons for this, namely your safety, but also for protection of the desert floor.

And what about the wildlife? People love the “Don’t feed the Burro” signs. Really, those guys can beg! But along with a hefty fine, that habit puts the animals and the visitors at risk.

One of our most precarious wildlife situations lie with the Desert Tortoise (A turtle and tortoise come from the same reptile order but different families~ ie turtles swim, tortoises don’t). Red Rock Canyon works hard to monitor and protect these amazing reptiles. Each person that is on our tour is required to agree that if we spot one in the wild we will not approach, feed, or move the tortoise. Odds are we won’t see one out on our ride as habitat loss and disease have really affected their numbers but I always have my eyes peeled just in case! If you are very interested, its a treat to go visit the rescued pet tortoises at the Visitors Center. You’ll have time to check it out after our tour is complete. I’m looking forward to sharing this with you!


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