Sometimes there are Burros

A Burro is a wild Donkey. Same species, different name. They aren't native to our area but have been here for a very long time. The Spainiards brought them over in the 1500's, they would breed them with horses to create work mules. The Burros have easily multiplied since they have few, if any, predators. When we come across them on the tour, it's usually on warm sunny days while they graze. They camouflage easily, so we keep look out through the flat regions where they are easier to spot. But with so many distractions, don't forget to keep your eyes on the road too!

Share the road

Just a friendly reminder: Red Rock Canyon Scenic Loop Drive is a double- wide, one way loop. There is plenty of room for us cyclists to ride single file on the right with the cars having close to a lane and a half all to themselves. Nevada law requires that you give cyclists at least three feet when passing. We'll share if you will!

October is gorgeous!

Our Fall colors are showing! While we don't have too many trees, the flowers blooming are just beautiful. The Snake Weed is in full glory and desert Marigolds are joining the display.

It's tarantula mating season, oh my...

Here they come! For the month of October these guys are out looking for love (in all the wrong places?) This is no these guys are a-travelin'. They're pretty amazing little guys (yes, it's the males on the prowl) their docile and fairly slow moving. Trust me, there's way worse things than a furry little spider.