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Why we chose Energie Cycles for our tour bike.

When we started our tour business our number 1 question was: “which bike are we going with?” We did our online homework and then went to Interbike (the largest bike convention in North America, held in beautiful Las Vegas,NV). Mind you, that was 2012 aka the year of “what the heck’s an Ebike??” We found an electric bike manufacturer in the “basement” that was just opening their doors in (beautiful) Las Vegas of all places! Not only were they building bikes but they were/are actually a lithium ion battery manufacturer too~ Energie Cycles/RPE.

Well, we love to buy local but could these bikes make it around the Red Rock Loop: in the heat, the cold and the 1100″ climb everyday? Not only can they, but they have kept us in the power for nearly 4 years. We’ve definitely helped them evolve into the very best electric bike lithium ion battery producer in the country~ they can rebuild almost any lithium battery. But they have worked tirelessly to keep us running!

Now we are running a 500watt Bafang mid-drive motor with a 36volt 16ampA battery. This is the best configuration for the heat in the summer and has the power to get our bigger riders up the hill with very little exertion. It is nice that the bike looks more rugged ~ might be a bit odd to have a beach cruiser style in the mountains. We have tried other Ebikes and there are some amazing bikes out there but price point, customer support, and supporting our community keeps us at Energie Cycles. John and I also personally own a ProdecoTech and an Evelo Aurora because of course, we can’t get enough of these amazingly FUN machines. Have you ever thought about owning an electric bike?

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